Top Last-Minute Holiday Destinations Ideas

Our Cameleon stores are closing for a summer break 27th July-August 16th, which means it’s the perfect time to head off on a last-minute break away! Have you ever spontaneously booked flights and a hotel for the following week, packed up and just jetted off? Well, maybe now is the perfect time. 

In the hope of inspiring you to take a little summer break yourself, here are some of our top last-minute holiday destination ideas, ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

For Couples

Fancy a break for just yourself and your other half? Whether you’re into romantic dinners or adrenaline-pumping activities, find the perfect holiday spot for your spontaneous summer trip.

Cape Verde

If you’re both a fan of laying in the sunshine, drinking cocktails by the pool and doing not so much else, Cape Verde is a perfect choice and can be a great place to find last-minute deals. You’re guaranteed beautiful weather this time of year so pack up your bikinis and sunblock and head into the sun.

Try a City Break

City breaks are great for couples travelling without kids. You’ll find plenty to explore as well as all the chic eateries you could imagine. For last-minute deals and short flight times try Paris or Rome for city sunshine packed with a whole lot of romance. 

For Families

If you’re searching for some last-minute sun with your kids, there are some fantastic places with shorter flight times and warmer climates. Choosing all-inclusive can also be a great decision when travelling with a family. It makes life simple, allowing you to spend more time relaxing with the children and soaking up those last-minute rays. 

The Canary Islands

From Lanzarote to Tenerife, The Canary Islands almost always offer sunshine and beach fun with plenty of family-friendly resorts, packed with daily clubs and activities.

The Balearic Islands

If short flight times are key to enjoying the start and end of your holiday, then anywhere in the Balearics will do the trick. Try Mallorca or Minorca for the perfect balance of adult and child-friendly accommodation with sunshine pretty much promised.

For Solo Travellers

If you’re thinking about taking a trip solo, you’re not actually alone. In fact, Hostel World has noted a 42% rise in solo travellers over the last few years, proving that travelling alone is gaining in momentum. But where to go?


If you’re travelling alone, it’s great to head to a place where you’ll find lots of like-minded people. There’s nowhere for solo travellers quite like Thailand. It’s officially out of season in August so you’ve got a great chance of finding a last-minute deal but it just means an hour or two of rain during the day, so the perfect time for a cocktail stop! It’s a further trip than you might have imagined but with hostels and other accommodation catering specifically for solo travellers, you’ll fit right in immediately. 

City Travels

If you fancy somewhere a little closer to home but you’re still keen to meet lots of other travellers, a city break in Europe is a great choice. From London to Munich, it’s all about choosing social accommodation when it comes to meeting other travellers.

For the Retired

Retired and so free to take a trip whenever you like? Why not now? These spots are fantastic for a slice of peace and quiet. 

South Africa

If you’re keen to tick a few things off your bucket list during your retirement, there’s no place quite like South Africa. From penguins to sharks to wild lions and elephants, if you’re a wildlife lover, this is the place to head. Prefer a relaxing glass of wine or three? Head into the Stellenbosch region and spend the day touring some of the most famous vineyards in the country.


From walking trips to golfing holidays and city break weekends, Portugal has a lot to offer and often has fantastic last-minute deals on the short-haul flights over there. Choose a spot that works for your lifestyle and you might not want to come back!

Whether it’s just you or you’ve got a whole tribe following in your wake, there is a perfect last-minute holiday destination to suit, just start Googling! 

From relaxing beach breaks to activity-focused family getaways, find the perfect choice for your lifestyle and give yourself the break you deserve this summer. Spontaneity is key!