Recycle Your Shoes

Recycle Your Shoes

Eco Ways to Recycle Your Shoes

We have all quickly learnt that there is a problem when it comes to landfill. As recycling and making more eco-friendly decisions regarding our consumerism increases, we are all looking at how we can make better decisions for the benefit of the environment. This also now includes our unwanted shoes. Where once shoes might have been absentmindedly thrown in the rubbish, shoes can now be recycled and turned into something fantastic. Here are a few of the eco ways you can recycle your old shoes. 

Upcycle Them

Before you get rid of your old shoes, can they be saved? Sometimes, just a little bit of TLC can bring your shoes back to life and give you another season of wear without you even realising it was possible. Anything from a deep clean or a patched-up canvas shoe to a brand-new sole might bring your shoes back to life and make them wearable once more.  

You could also do something unique with them, such as use them as a fashion-inspired planter or herb garden!

Charity Shops

Shoes that are wearable but just not your style anymore are always wanted when it comes to charity and thrift stores. Before you take them in, always pair them up and if possible tie them together in some way to make it easier for the staff at the store. Also, remember to give them a good clean, getting them in a sellable condition to make the job a little easier for the charity shop volunteers. 

Sometimes charity shops like this will resell the shoes in their store and sometimes they’ll be sent off to less fortunate areas or countries. This means, your unwanted shoes could well end up on the feet of someone who really needs them. 

Recycling Centres

Most recycling centres will have a section or area just for recycling shoes. If you don’t think your shoes can be saved and they’re not in good enough condition to be sold at a charity shop or given to somebody who needs them, take them to a recycling centre. This way, the different materials that make up the composition of the shoes can be stripped apart and recycled to make something brand new. 

Do a touch of research into recycling centres and find out where the nearest one is to you.  

Use Cameleon

Or, why not bring your shoes to Cameleon during our shoe week campaign and have them turned into a 15 euro voucher towards a new pair? We’ll make sure your shoes are picked up by Les Petits Riens and loved by someone else. 

Whatever you decide to do with your shoes at the end of their life, always try to avoid the option of throwing them in the bin. Once in the bin, shoes end up being sent to landfill along with all our other unrecyclable rubbish, causing more damage to the environment and missing the chance to turn into something brand new. 

Pop by to  Cameleon with your old shoes and get yourself a voucher towards a brand-new pair.