Stilettos are back

Stilettos are back

May 28, 2019

Here’s how to walk in them

For months, the fashion-world has had a love affair with sneakers, flat sandals, and the occasional mid heel – but as unlikely as it might have seemed, the fashion pendulum has swung and high (HIGH!) heels are back! 

When it comes to real life wear, the problem with stilettos isn’t what to wear them with, but rather how you’re meant to walk in them without toppling to the ground. Let Cameleon share our wisdom:

How to walk in this season’s stilettos 

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your heels are the right size. This might seem obvious but the size of your feet can change so make sure to get them measured frequently. If your shoe’s too big, your foot will slide around and if they’re too small, it will feel cramped and cause you pain. 

Remember, it’s also important to break them in so pull on a pair of socks and stroll around your house for a few hours before you head out.

Stilettos also tend to have very little platform on offer so if the balls of your feet are the main issue head to the counter and buy some gel inserts to cushion. 

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