September 10, 2019

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Known globally for its hard-wearing and ultra-durable boots, Timberland has become a name synonymous with workwear. Since the brand’s launch in the 1950s, Timberland has grown into a lifestyle brand that is so much more than just a sturdy work boot for men.

Worn by everyone from street style lovers to hipsters, the iconic yellow boot that was launched in 1973 has become an icon in the fashion and clothing industry and set the USA firmly on the footwear map.

While the ‘90s continued to thrive with Timberland’s Original Yellow Boot, the brand expanded into anything from hiking boots to sandals or dress shoes with clothing and accessories following suit too.

Modern-day Timberland designs clothing, footwear and accessories still with a balance between fashion trends and practicality. The brand now also commits to a strong focus on sustainability and responsible sourcing and manufacturing, making sure to do its part when it comes to the impact of the fashion industry. With several initiatives that include tree planting, using recycled plastic bottles within its fabrications and serving communities charitably, the brand makes sure it’s doing its bit for the planet.

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