Every detail matters

When a brand lists, “a fierce dedication to quality and craft” as its founding principal it is worth paying attention instantly pay attention. And this is the premise of KOMONO.  

KOMONO was founded in Belgium in 2009 by two entrepreneurs Raf Maes and Anton Janssens.

KOMONO brings its sleek design, inspired color palette, and minimalist aesthetic to the world of accessories. They offer low-cost/high-quality watches and glasses with a mood that is very streetwear. KOMONO work hard on innovation, creating products that are fashionable but not seen at their competitors.

“Komono has always had a thirst for blurring the lines between the classic and the new, between design and fashion, between male and female, between minimalism and color, between accessories and lifestyle."

Following an initial plan whilst snowboarding to do something different, the two friends put their experience, skills and motivation together to form the brand- merging the relevant intersection of Vision and Timing. Together they built a community of dreamers and designers dedicated to perfectly timed accessories. They remain committed to the Belgian tradition of fierce dedication to quality and craft (synonymous with the Antwerp area in particular) which has propelled them as an International brand now recognized around the world. 

KOMONO, as well as being a lovely word, is Japanese for ‘small things’ and this has resonance with the product itself, but the link with Japan really ends there. Instead we are committed to delivering a consistent and coherent message through KOMONO, from predict to packaging, from images to content. Every detail matters.

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