Nike thinks you’re wearing the wrong size of shoe

Nike, the world’s biggest sneaker maker, wants to solve a problem it knows far too many people have, especially when ordering online: Which size shoes will fit?

Nike know that many shoppers have gone online and ordered multiple pairs of the same style shoe, in different sizes, with the plan of sending back what doesn’t fit. Why? 

Customers often find they fit into different sizes depending on the brand and style. So, when it comes time to buy a new pair, there’s actually a lot of guessing going on.  In fact, Nike say it’s actually, very likely you don’t even know what your true shoe size is – and that your two feet could also be two entirely different sizes.

The solution

Nike says it has a solution: Nike Fit, a service being mobile app and in stores (starting in America). Nike Fit will scan customers’ feet and determine the correct size. The service will roll out to Europe in August, moving to other international markets soon after. Nike say the app will work as soon as it’s opened, scanning your foot using a smartphone. This scan will take less than 15 seconds and will recommend a size for each Nike model. 

The result

The hope is to increase customer satisfaction with the right fit, first time but to also work towards reducing the eco footprint caused by so many returns. On top of this, the right size of sports sneakers can ensure athletes are not injured and side-lined. 

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