Veja: The World’s Most Sustainable Sneaker


Veja don’t advertise, they don’t use sweatshops and they don’t compromise on their morals. This is what makes them the most ethically and ecologically grounded sneaker maker in the world today. 

The sneaker market is one of the most difficult markets – the pressures of overheads, the stiff competition of the market (hello Nike and Adidas!) and the changing demands from customers base makes entering this market a tough challenge. And yet one brand is managing to not stick to the established rules of play, and is doing it without sacrificing ethical conscience or its ecological credentials. Oh, and it’s doing it whilst making money – showing that the ethical model is a sustainable one. 

The word ‘veja’ is a literal translation of the Portuguese-Brazilian for ‘look’ – It means: look beyond the sneakers, look how they are made – opening up a whole discourse in transparency before you even check out the fashionable collection. 

What makes Veja sustainable? 

Veja’s model is founded on an ethical footing at every stage of the business: from sourcing and the production cycle, right through to packaging, distribution and even the energy the company’s French headquarters. Veja makes sneakers with raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture that avoids chemicals and polluting processes. They also offer a fully vegan model which ensures no harm came to anyone in their supply chain. On top of this, Veja refuse to make more stock than they can sell, building up only ever 6 months at a time. This leads to no excesses, and what is left over comes to us at great prices just for you. 

Veja are fairly priced

It actually costs 5-7 times more to make a pair of Veja than a pair of Nikes, but the cost to you remains the same as any other pair of sneakers because Veja refuse to advertise. This means they recoup back some of the costs which go straight back to a saving for you. But how does the world then know about Veja if they don’t advertise? Well, Veja rely on happy customers and word of mouth! So, head to Cameleon this shoe week, take home a pair of Veja’s and tell your friends. 

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