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A chic and laid-back mum who opts for a sober look with autumnal colours. The elder daughter, who adores a perfect schoolgirl outfit but can’t resist Converse shoes in sparkly pink. Plus the youngest daughter, who is into small printed dresses and training shoes with Velcro. Adorable!

How do you make your living?
I’m a psychologist by training and I work in the human resources sector. I’ve also kept a blog for six years, Alice à Bruxelles, where I share my lifestyle and things I adore. Lastly, one year ago I launched Little Moon Concept Store, an online store for European brands aimed at babies and children.

What’s your motto?
One day at a time! Every day I strive to do my best, without worrying too much about what will follow.

Describe your style in a few words.
It’s chic, simple and comfortable at the same time. I mix good quality essential clothes with trendier pieces. I’m not a compulsive buyer, as I prefer to limit my purchases to quality garments.

How old are your daughters and do they already have their own styles?
My girls are six and two years old. The eldest already has a preference for outfits that are colourful and girly, as long as there’s a hint of glitter and a swirling skirt. The youngest loves clothes printed with patterns or animals. It’s a real pleasure to dress them!

What do you love wearing but would not wear outdoors?
I find very high heels super feminine, as they can really elongate your figure. But it’s simply impossible to walk around like that, especially on the cobbles in Brussels.

Briefly, how was your shopping experience at Cameleon?
I’ve been a customer of Cameleon for many years and I must say it’s always a pleasure. It offers a huge selection for the whole family, and has first-class brands including several Belgian firms that are fairly sophisticated. When shopping for children, Cameleon is great, thanks to its very attractive outlet prices. Last but not least, Cameleon is genuinely kids-friendly at its Kids Corner, organising activities at the weekend and featuring a lunch area.

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