My outfit

I went for an outfit that fits the festival theme. I started with the main piece: a kimono with flowers. I love the patterns and flowers are just as beautiful on this one. To keep things light and because the kimono already has many flowers I chose a white denim short with a white top. As for the shoes I picked a Gucci-style pair of slippers; those are super cute, comfortable and totally hip. To top it up with an accessory I decided to go for a hat. I love how comfortable it’s wearing and how it finishes off the outfit. 

What do you do in life? 

I’m a student at the ULB and currently I’m on Erasmus in England. More specifically, I’m in my last year of Bachelor’s in political science. In September I’m traveling to Canada for a gap year abroad. And then I would like to study a master’s degree in fashion in Paris.

What is your life motto? 

My life motto is “travel the world”. For me it’s important to travel as much as possible. Travelling allows me to be openminded and to grow personally. I would really like to travel around the world. 

Describe your style in few words.

My style is best described as follows: a combination of basic pieces, but always with one or two original pieces that stand out. I really like to wear specific, original pieces.

What do you like wearing, but that you never wear on the street? 

All-in all I’m not afraid to wear my favorite pieces outside. However, some tops, with lace or a transparent blouse with a nice visible bra underneath, have a magnificent outlook, but are a bit more difficult to wear as an outfit for every occasion.


Tell us about your shopping experience. 

I’ve been coming to CAMELEON for years. Usually I go to CAMELEON with a relative (parents and/or sisters). I stay for at least two hours considering the vast showroom: it can take a while to walk through the shop without rushing. What I appreciate is that we can find totally different brands at very good prices. What I also like is that there’s an area with outfits, another one for shoes and a different one for home decor. Every time I pass by CAMELEON I find something that looks good.

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