His outfit

Relaxed and simple, Nils has selected a Levi’s jeans shirt and bermuda shorts with summery details, in keeping with this baking hot July. It’s a traditional and relaxed look, with a hint of originality.

How do you make your living?
I’m an actor and a real-estate entrepreneur. An actor, because it’s what I love doing. Just like someone who picks up their guitar or piano and who starts playing when home from work. Creating is my thing, as I like to channel my ideas on video, in writing and so on.

I really like turning my hand to everything. I’ve done radio, been a producer, and had small and big roles in short films and in theatre doing stand-up. At the moment I’m filming some amusing video clips that I’m going to post on YouTube and on my Instagram account this summer. A busy guy, wouldn’t you say? Soon you’ll also be able to see me on stage ( ;-) ).

What’s your motto?
My motto is Here and anywhere on Earth or in Latin Hic et ubique terrarum. I’m joking… I just found that on Google. But seriously, to quote the French author Frédéric Dard, “There is no later, it doesn’t exist, never exists. Once we’ve achieved our wonderful projects later, they’re no more than transformed todays.” I’m a man of action and need to turn words into action.

Describe your style in a few words.
I like to think my style is simple and trendy. Simple in the sense that I’m not into gimmicks or chains hanging off my jeans… However, I do like colours and something stylish. That’s important to me. In fact, I just bought a pair of flashy pink girl’s shoes in New York. Do I get bragging rights for mentioning that? In New York, nobody would pay much attention to that because people are open-minded. But here my shoes are a real talking point, especially in a business meeting when I’m with a guy in a suit and tie.

What do you love wearing but would not wear outdoors?
I love wearing American shorts and chilling at home on weekends. I’ve not yet dared to go down to the baker’s dressed like that, because I don’t want to shock my neighbours. I’m confident in myself. If I like something, I’ll wear it. End of story, whatever people may say...

Briefly, how was your shopping experience at Cameleon?
I hadn’t been to Cameleon for ages. The store is huge and has a large selection of clothes. It’s great not having to visit 76 shops and to find everything together in one large store. There are no queues for the changing rooms and the service is excellent.
Thanks for having me and see you soon.