CAMELEON organises exclusive private sales in Woluwe and Genval exclusively accessible to the Cameleon Members.

To become a member and enjoy what the best major brands have to offer at the best prices, you will need a referral from an existing member.

The seasonal sales are organised on the basis of specific themes, such as back to school, Shoes Week, Ski, year-end celebrations, sales, Crazy Days,... Our members receive, by post and e-mail, a personal invitations to visit their choice of outlet at the specified dates. The outlets are accessible from Tuesday to Sunday inclusive, from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm for Woluwe and 11.00 am to 6.30 pm in Genval.

With their personnal invitation, email or paper of member's card, our members can enjoy the exceptional CAMELEON offers as part of the sales to which they have been invited.

So trust in CAMELEON and get a taste of the " CAMELEON experience ", with none other than the guarantee of a personal invitation to each event. You can also enjoy our spacious and comfortable venues during your time in one of our outlets.

CAMELEON can also be found at the web site, functioning as a portal which lets members check the different offers, refer friends and enjoy a wealth of other advantages.