Our Story

Born from the imagination of a young entrepreneur really into fashion

CAMELEON is the story of 30 years of passion shared with its loyal Members. Because today its fans even include the (grand)children of those Members who signed up to the company’s concept of private sales back in 1988.

Today CAMELEON sets the benchmark for many families, being their go-to source for new clothes and home decor. Not to mention its fashion and trend-setting accessories, which can make all the difference to your wardrobe and home.

Looking back at this 30-year-old success story

In 1988, while still a student, Jean-Cédric van der Belen founded CAMELEON. He called on all the experience gleaned from private sales that he organised at private venues on weekends. This novel concept – private sales that were also open to the general public – has quickly proved to be very popular.

Buoyed by this success, CAMELEON extended its private sales from several days a month in the 1990s to several weeks a month. In Brussels, its Comptoir du Cinquantenaire sales outlet soon turned out to be too small, so the company moved to Meiser and then Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. Since 2002, the nearby town of Genval has also hosted a Comptoir CAMELEON outlet.

Opened in March 2009, CAMELEON’s Comptoir in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert was Europe’s first-ever eco-constructed store, for which it later won many prizes in Belgium and internationally. The achievement was especially notable, given the huge sales space (8,000 m2) covered by this outlet.

Over the years, the range has been expanded. CAMELEON Members are now also offered leading brands of ready-to-wear fashion and shoes for men, women and children, as well as accessories (sunglasses, watches, jewellery, etc.), leather goods and luggage, home decor and linen – at prices up to 70% below in-store prices. To benefit from these unbeatable outlet, cut-label and manufacturer prices, you simply need to become a Member and visit one of the two CAMELEON private sales outlets in Woluwe or Genval.

See you soon in one of our Outlets.