Denim Days

4 Big Denim Trends for Fall

They are a focal point in most people’s wardrobes and a comfort blanket and favourite everyday go-to for many. Our jeans work harder than pretty much anything in our wardrobes which is why when it comes to investing in denim trends, we need to choose wisely. Although usually less “statement” than other fashion trends, denim trends can encourage you to try something new for a season, allowing you to experiment with your style in a semi-comfort zone. 

Here, we’ll take a look at five of the upcoming biggest trends in denim that we think are worth a go. 

High-Rise Straight-Legs Are Here to Stay

They have been the jean of the season so far, this year and the straight-legs are proving to be a good investment as the trend continues through to fall. High-waist and relaxed fit straight-legs offer a chic alternative to your everyday skinnies and pair just as easily with heels as they do with trainers whilst remain effortlessly flattering. 

Jacket In Wear - 149,95€, T-shirt Levi's - 19,95€, Jeans Tommy Hilfiger - 84,95€

Double Denim Rules? No Worries

Double denim has always lived in a controversial section of the fashion world with many a passionate debate about its acceptance into the mainstream. For fall, this is all over. Whether you’re pairing an oversized denim jacket with your straight-legs or a denim wrap jacket with your skinnies, double-up and enjoy. 

Her : Jacket Tommy Hilfiger - 84,95€, sweater CKS - 39,95€, jeans Levi's - 84,95€

Him: Jacket Petrol - 39,95€

Focus on The Hemlines

Distressed and ripped jeans have taken the spotlight when it comes to denim trends for several seasons in a row. Bringing back the ‘90s styling we all know and (might not admit to) love, jeans were getting pretty much as ripped as they could. This season, the focus is less on full-leg distress and more on hemline frays and detailing. 

Jacket In Wear - 149,95€, T-shirt Levi's - 19,95€, Jeans Tommy Hilfiger - 84,95€, sneakers New Blance - 74,95€

From ultra-frayed edges to super-sleek slits at the ankle, this season is all about hemline details. 

Sustainable Denim Is Just Too Cool

Maybe not a trend in denim aesthetic but certainly a trend when it comes to denim consumerism, sustainable denim is at the top of the charts for the fall season. We’re not necessarily talking about recycled, reworked or preloved jeans but more focusing on the brands that are making a concerted effort to re-establish their production in a more sustainable way. Plus, the eco-friendly brands that have been doing it all along. 

Her: Overall Tommy Hilfiger - 99,95€, jacket CKS - 64,95€, sneakers Puma - 49,95€

Him: Jacket Pepe Jeans - 74,95€, jeans Levi's, sneakers New Balance - 49,95€

From brands, such as Re-Done, who started up repurposing vintage Levi’s to Reformation, who source sustainable fibres for their jeans or use deadstock fabric, being more eco-conscious in our pursuit for our jeans is a huge trend for this season and into the future. 

Get well ahead of the curve with one of these four biggest denim trends coming your way for the season ahead. From distressed hemlines to layering up with a head to toe look, which denim trend grabs your attention for fall?

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